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Changing Times call For Changing Expectations


Our team of Direct Support Professionals is trained to ensure each member lives in the most integrated setting.

To accomplish this, Direct Support Professionals will provide positive support strategies and person-centered planning

with the members. These approaches serve as a foundation to help the members build healthy relationships with family and friends, develop skills to live independently, engage in productive activities, participate in their community,

and help members envision the life they desire. 

Your Care is Our Priority

Our highly trained and dedicated Direct Support Professionals assist with non-medical home care needs.


It is our priority to ensure members:

Live in a safe, clean, and comfortable environment. 

Have healthy relationships and connections with others.

Discover and express their gifts and capacities to contribute to their community.

Make healthy choices and have positive control over their life.

Are treated with dignity, and respect, and have a valued social role and

Increase participation in their community.


Services We Offer

We proudly offer the following home care services:

 Homemaker Services 

Individualized Home Supports with Training 

Individualized Home Supports with Family Training

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